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Mother, Business Appraiser, Volunteer, Leader, Speaker

Meet Ericka

As a working mom of three boys with a passion and expertise for business consulting, keynote speaker Ericka Heiser will have you laughing and learning on the edge of your seat.  Instantly connect with her hysterical anecdotes and real-world challenges as she guides the audience on how to take the first step to turn dreams into realities!

Feelings of stress, fear, and being overwhelmed are real-- Ericka understands this battle in ALL of us, including herself-- but these feelings hold us back!  Work with Ericka to overcome your obstacles and limiting beliefs, find your "why", and climb that mountain to reach your summit of success and to live your dream.  It starts with the first step!

Highly educated, Ericka has a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Business Administration and is certified in Business Valuations. She worked in the banking industry for 15 years and as a business appraiser for 15 years and counting. While she enjoys speaking about business valuation theory, goodwill value, and strategic planning, Ericka is facing her own fears and taking risks to make her dream a reality to speak about various topics for audiences to take the first step to a more fulfilled life!

Ericka enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her famiy.  She and her husband, Chris, and their three sons enjoy hiking and exploring.

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Thanks to Laurel Danley, owner of Pixel Studios, for capturing the essence of me in the featured photos!

Thanks to Amber Linneweber, owner of AL Graphics, for creating my logo that speaks to my philosophy of propelling forward with the first step of turning dreams into realities!

Why Ericka?

With a market saturated with professional speakers, why Ericka?

Ericka has the ability to connect with her audiences because she has been in the trenches raising babies while pushing hard to grow her professional practice. She has survived hours of working with clients in stressful situations following a sleepless night with a newborn. She has run several half-marathons in an attempt to maintain her own identity and push to new goals. Instantly connect with Ericka's infectious smile and fun spirit to learn that you are not alone in the beautiful battlefield of life.  Her relatable stories will have you laughing and excited about a new perspective on life!

As an event planner with a local non-profit organization, Ericka understands what it takes to create a successful event.  She guarantees she will do her best to elevate your event to the next level. Ericka WANTS to connect with you and your audience. It is her passion to meet new people and to make a positive impact through powerful, hilarious, and relatable messages!

What is Ericka's "why"?  Happiness.  Being fulfilled emotionally. Her kids... showing them anything is possible. Meeting new people. (She's kind of a relationship-forming junkie!) Feeling alive while on stage. Growing and feeling rejuvenated by hearing others' perspectives and life experiences.

Presentation Topics


Reaching the Summit of Success

For the Ladies

Take the 1st Step

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"Ericka is a shining light! Her dynamic speaking style, creative storytelling, and down to earth message will have audience members ready to take the next step in their journey for personal growth." 

Renae Hicks

Learning and Performance Manager

"Ericka is a wealth of knowledge, a soul that is full of spirit and kindness. Each and every time I visit with Ericka, whether it's one-on-one or listening to her in a group, she has a soothing way of taking you out of your immediate state and bringing you to a state of action and engagement. Her actions follow her heart and she's an unbelievable motivator."

Tif Robertson

Owner, T-N-T Event & Marketing Management

"Ericka has an on-stage presence that lights up a room and is engaging right from the moment she steps on stage. Her humor, paired with "kick in the butt" statements had me excited to set larger goals and dream a bit bigger. I was able to connect with Ericka's stories and focus because she is so down to earth and on-point with real world challenges." 

Jeff Carsrud

President & Owner, Winsupply of Rapid City

"Ericka has a warm and upbeat personality, one that people are drawn to and want to be connected with. It translates into the delivery of her message. Her infectious, positive attitude and engaging storytelling get people to listen and be motivated." 

Beth Hottel

Marketing Manager

"Your energy, honesty, and passion shine through!" 

Michele Loobey-Gertsch

Manager of Community Relations

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